by Hit Dog Hollar

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released December 5, 2012



all rights reserved


Hit Dog Hollar San Diego, California

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Track Name: The Battle of San Pasqual
The Californios' lances, are seven feet long,
The hillside Mission Tribe, with their children watch along.
The dragoons' muskets, wont even fire wrong.

Unmistaken advantages, take 'em to the grave.
I've lost enough innocence, see it on my face.

They sure do look good on them horses, but these mules will do just fine.

I want peace Lord, when you send me home, but in the desert, let me be.
Track Name: Shenandoah
Shenandoah was her name.
Across the eastern sea.
Built by scottish hands,
For the confederacy

You gotta roll with the punches,
Lean with the waves,
Swim with the fishes on the worst of your days

Bye to your momma,
Say bye to your pa,
You might not come back standing, or come back at all.

Shenandoah was her name,
Across the southern sea,
She ran for three months straight,
Without a word from Lee

Shenandoah was her name,
Across the western sea,
Out San Francisco way,
To spread the war you see.
Track Name: White Flag
George Washington, through Appalachian rain
Cornwallis, in King George's name
Rochammbeau, from the east he sailed
To end, this English hell.

So go against your nature
White flag is raised.
We're the ones that make you
Give up the reign

George Washington, at Valley Forge
Hired German officers, to train for war
The winter's cold, was hard indeed,
But these men, were revolutionary.
Track Name: Westward Expansion
Ride that train, from east to west
Lay that track, from went to east.
Over mountains, over valleys, over hillsides, through the canyons.
Westward, it's destiny, small price to pay for the gift of greed,
Like a drifter on my seventh sea, the price of loss is everything.

The merry weather didn't last too long, but this pickaxe keeps singing
And as the others keep hacking along, the ground provides the rhythm

Westward, it's destiny, break for the night for some quiet and peace,
Taking orders, from an Irish beast, but the mountain is boss, cheat him, you'll see.